Dr. Emoto and Water Frequency

Energy travels on the spoken word, verbal acknowledgement of issues is first step of healing. We are energetic beings that require water to work at top frequency performance. If our bodies are made up of over 60 percent water, does it not stand to reason that our words and thoughts as proven by Dr. Masaru Emoto can effect the health of our well being. See the beauty of these water cells as they respond to words of love and beauty versus words of anger and hatred.

Paul Selig-author of channeled "I am the Word" series

Check out this great video - author of "I am the Word" and other channeled Works. These books/videos take you beyond the perceived limitations of accepted reality and your history that tells you that you are separate from God  from birth. If your spiritual search takes you to wanting to understand who you are, what you are here for, or how you are to serve.  If you are looking for an introduction to your higher self, these works channeled with such realization and love will open you to knowledge

Swimming Through Space

This is just a small part from an incredible QHHT session. This video talks about our connection to water, and the connection of water to cosmic energy and receiving messages from beyond Earth's atmosphere. You may not see the ocean the same way again.