Vicki Scholer- BQH Practitioner and QHHT level 1 Intern


Vicki Scholer ~ A little bit about me


As a little girl I found myself gazing up at the stars and feeling the urge to explore the mysteries of the unknown and I still do. Personally, I have always felt that life here was just a journey of the soul, expressed in physical form. Striving for remembrance to our origins, learning through our experiences.Why was I here, who was I really, and how could I use the lessons I experienced through losses to help others get answers to the spiritual questions we all have as humans.

I am humbled by the process of Quantum Healing that I was led to, seeing that by remembering our past, looking inward, we find healing and understanding of our current lives.  I am here to help and guide you on the path to your own FREEDOM and LIBERATION of Mind, Body, and Soul through QHHT® in person sessions or BQH online sessions. Whichever you find yourself most comfortable with.  

 I look forward to touching as many, many lives as I can!  

Areas of Specialty